I will make it Easy for Others to Sell You!

Turn People who Love What You Do into your Best Sales Team!

I will set up a super simple, easy-to-use affiliate system on your WordPress website, so you can turn people who love what you do into your online sales team, and make it easy for them to sell you!


You will receive:

  • A super simple one-page affilite system on your website – so anyone who loves what you do can promote your to their platform & friends (>> become your online sales person!)
    example 1
    example 2
  • A page on your website that shows what it means to become your affiliate, and how to sign up easily. Example
  • Unlimited affiliates can sign up!
  • Fast delivery! (72 hours or less!)

~ and you’ll be all set to Convert People who Love What You Do into your Online Sales Team!


Big timer saver for you.
– So you can focus on what you’re best at.

  • I’ve spent months on looking for and testing the easiest and most user-friendly affiliate system – so you don’t have to! (Systems that make life easier is a huge Passion of mine!) 
  • Affiliates register themselves (but you can also register them manually if you wish!)
  • I will set it up for you within the next 72 hours.
  • Pay affiliates with Paypal mass payment (= pay all at once whenever you want)
  • The affiliate system integrates with your webshop system (such as Easy Digital Downloads, woocommerce, Jigoshop, WP e-Commerce, Wishlist Member, MemberMouse, Shopp, Paid Membership Pro, etc.)
  • Set custom affiliate commission fees for specific affiliates

In less than 3 days, you can be all set to convert people who love what you do into your successful sales team!


This is ONLY for you, if you…
– Use WordPress on your self-hosted website (aka wordpress.org, not wordpress.com)

– Already have clients (if not, email me for a private session instead).

– Understand that the affiliate system means that your affiliates will receive a ‘thank you’ commission fee. When they are rewarded, they will be more motivated to keep on promoting you – and this is how the affiliate system works: It is fair, honoring, and you both Grow Abundantly! You decide the % or flat amount of the commission fee, and you can also raise you prices to match the commission fee, if you wish.


No overwhelm. Leave the technical stuff for me.
- and have more time for your Genius!

I will guide you to exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, so no need to be overwhelmed by having to read endless amount of documentation, that you’ll forget half of later anyway.  I am here to make your life a bit easier.


Let’s get started so you can turn people who love what you do into your online sales team!

Your investment: $550

The intro price is only $267

+ Keep the affiliate system for the rest of your life!

+ You’re FULLY covered by the satisfaction guarantee!

Have questions before you’re ready? email lana@lanabos.com


risk free guarantee iconYour Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

I want you to be happy with the result, so this is a risk-free purchase for you. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, and there’s nothing I can do, I will rather give you a refund. This is a guarantee that the affiliate system will work, not that you will make more money from it. If you need help to create products/services that are easy for others to sell, email me for a private session!

About the author: Lana Bos decided as a 15-year old to exchange suicide attempts with making her wildest dreams come true. She has created a free and magical life in California and is a guide for people who want to live more freely and joyfully. A channeled collective said about Lana’s life intention: “You came here with the intention to set new levels of exploration for yourself. You came here to be a beacon for others who wish to live freely, and to demonstate to them the possibilites they have to live as freely and openly as you do.”

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