Simple & Effective

Mastering the art of manifesting is not about listening to hours of recordings or webinars. It’s about LIVING it. I have simplified it for you, and found the shortcuts to the absolut minimum you must do every day to get everything you want in life - by having fun! Let’s face it: It has to be easy and effective – or we’re not gonna do it.

No overwhelm. You decide the pace.

You can do the Manifestation Makeover in 30 days – or 65. The course is designed to excite you, not overwhelm you. You will receive the day 2 email exactly one day after you have opened day 1, and day 3 one day after you have opened day 2. Because it’s all about mastering the art of manifesting and enjoying the journey. And you are going to enjoy the journey! The manifestations will just be icing on the (raw) cake :-)

You will experience…

  • being excited about your life - so you’ll no longer envy others’!
  • falling in love with you
  • getting what you really want
  • thinking “there is no one I would rather be than me!”
  • freeing yourself from feeling stuck or trapped in your life
  • knowing that you can give yourself anything you want!
  • shedding tears of joy

Daily examples from my diary

The best way to learn is to SEE how it’s done. You will see daily examples of how it’s done – from my own, personal diary! Previous attendees have said that this was highly valuable to them, and easier to learn from than theories! So how do you shift from feeling shitty to feeling excited? I will show you the easiest way to do that via my diary and videos.