Be Your Own Photographer

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Always have fresh photos for your blog, brand & business

You'll fall in love with you 

Grow your brand

- and add a ton of 

fun to your life!

And you'll never have to bug a poor tourist to take a bad vacation photo of you.


Take your own stunning self portraits for your blog, social media & website

(This photo is unedited 

- straight from the camera! 

no filters added!)

Use the photos for picture quotes in your social media marketing

& get more shares!

Capture magic moments...

with your loved ones

And turn any photo into art.


Transform terrible photos into art






You'll learn...

The training is live and private

We'll spend 6 hours together where I'll teach you everything and you'll have plenty of photos to take with you. 

Because I want you to have enough time to learn and implement

And become really, really good :-)

I know you have a busy work schedule and can't fit in a part-time study in all you have to do. This course will be easy to digest!

What equipment is your best return on investment?

How to take better photos with the camera you already have

Behind the scenes set up

How to take photos where you are in focus and the background is blurry

What makes you look your best and what ages you in photos

Editing programs (Pixlr, Picmonkey & Lightroom)

How to make bad photos rock

The easiest way to make beautiful picture quotes (in Keynote!)

- with exactly the fonts you like

I'll share your photos with my social media following ( =get more visibility!)

+ Pre-order BONUS: Send me 2 of your photos, I'll edit them, add a quote you love, and make a screen recording of how I did it!

Bonus: Facebook Marketing

Bonus: Vibrational Styling

Bonus: Makeup tips

Bonus: Overcome fear of being seen!

Bonus: How to do extreme macro photography for $10 with 

the DSLR you already have (or with your iPhone)

Join now and get lifetime access. You'll get free upgrades of the courses as we go - even after the price goes up!


What is the cost of the equipment I'll need?

You can start with what you already have!

I shot amazing photos with a Canon Powershot 

camera I was gifted for christmas.

Then upgraded last year to a DSLR ($500)

and just recently a $400 lens

Start having more fun with what you already have!

Canon or Nikon?

I use Canon. 

If you prefer Nikon, you can use that too. 

The settings will be slightly different. 

In the Academy I'll teach how to use the settings on a Canon, 

but if you have any questions regarding your Nikon, 

I'll see if I can find the answer on Google or Youtube.

Other Questions?


or shoot me a message on Facebook

© Lana Bos 2015