I was about to commit suicide, but then I heard this…

Hi I’m Lana Bos,

When I was 15 I was suicidal and tried once again to end my life.

It seemed to be working. Everything turned black.

And in that moment it hit me…

A thought that had never occurred to me before.

A crystal clear epiphany:

If death is my last choice, I am basically free to do anything. Anything!

I realized that if I’m going to die anyway, I might as well leave this crap hole I had grown up in, travel the world, make all my dreams come true – and then if I still hated my life and myself, I could always end my life then…

With that realization (that was big for me at the time) a commitment was made, and I decided to give it a shot…

In that moment I realized:

“I am freer than I think. I am free to do anything”

Being in a place of total depression, giving up completely, is a place of complete freedom.

If you are depressed, you’re free.

If you’re satisfied with your life, you’re free!

No matter what, you are always freer than you think.

You are always free to follow your excitement.

And once you do, life will become exciting!

Things will start to happen. Magic will happen!

You will notice how opportunities to get everything you wanted are finding you – without you even having to look for them.

And money seems to flow like a magnet to excitement.

To me, living this way of following my excitement in every moment is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

I noticed that my excitement always led to Abundance.

I can’t afford to not follow my excitement. It’s the most effective way of living, it’s the most fun way of living. It’s making me the best possible manifestor I can be!

ILana_bos_250_circlef you love manifesting as much as I do, you will love living this way too.

That’s what I’m here to be an advocate of.

I’m here to be that wake-up call to others that my higher self was to me that winter day when I was 15 and couldn’t see the light.

~ Lana Bos


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Lana Bos decided as 15-year old to exchange suicide attempts with making her wildest dreams come true. She grew up in Serbia & Denmark, and has created a free and magical life in California & Hawaii. She is a guide for people who want to live freely, and manifest their dreams.